About Us



    Shanghai Aoling Textile New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Songjiang District of Shanghai, China’s economic and financial center. It is a professional enterprise that engaged in research and development and sales of new fiber and yarn. The company owns a high standard research and development team and an efficient sales team. Based on shanghai, it is aimed at serving global. The company adheres “science and technology, environmental protection, low carbon, and health” as the purpose of development. It develops multi-function properties on new textile materials to provide high quality, multi-function fibers and yarns for middle and high grade of textile and garment enterprises.

    Piloting the future science and technology, science and technology changes life. The company’s core technology is material nano crystallization, which ultra-fine nano functional powder effectively dissolve with other chemical fiber through special process. So as to achieve the ultimate goal of chemical fiber modification. This is the difference between our functional materials and other chemical fiber materials. In recent years, our company develops several series, such as carbon health series, cooling series, magnet therapy and health care series, thermal retention series, anion and far infrared rays series, moisture absorption and perspiration series, radiation protection and fire retardant series, antistatic series, and low carbon, environmental friendly series of fiber and yarn. Consumers enjoy the comfortable brought by technology and our products get high evaluation by other enterprises.

    The new textiles materials developed by our company apply to various knitting and woven fields. We will lead the latest fashion and environmental friendly concept to consumers. By cooperation with the domestic brand clothing companies, we are determined to create a high quality corporate image.